Some of my favorite captures

This is what I love about wedding photography, capturing that one moment of pure bliss.

You're all mine

The groom got just a little much cake on the brides make up, and boy did he have to pay.

Here's your cake and eat it too

This picture says a lot to me, a young man looking at what a real man is all about.

Looking into manhood

What better gift can a father give to his little girl, than the wedding of her dreams.

Thank you Daddy

This shot was pure magic, the group shots had just ended, when the bride and groom turned to kiss and the wind lifted her dress.

Just you and me

A moment frozen just before two lives are changed forever.

With this ring

Digital photography is only limited by the photographer’s imagination.

My Favorite Toast is YOU!

There are unlimited pictures in everything we see, as a wedding photographer capturing the main photos is a given, you know the script.  But every wedding is unique, and although a Bride and Groom will most likely not choose photos like these for print, its in a wedding album that they reveal the spirit, the emotions and uniqueness  of that special day.

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Welcome to my blog.

Thanks for visiting the Allgood Photography blog.  With the start of 2010 my goal for this blog has changed.  This is partly due to my being the worst blogger on the planet, and partly due to my rethinking what I want this blog to be.  I already have a full website to showcase my wedding photography and I have come up with some ideas to make that website even better!  Going forward, this blog will be for me to post anything else that I want to share.  It will be for my other photography projects, personal musings, etc.  Basically, just a place to maybe get a glimpse into me.

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